Who we are

Welcome to BytesArea!

We're a team of professional app developers, focusing on building fast, beautiful and reliable applications using modern technologies.

Using agile methodologies for development and having constant, direct and honest communication with all stakeholders, we ensure not only that we build the product right, but also that we build the right product.

We're a small team, with developers being independent and self-motivated but still having support when needed. We praise excellence, attention to detail, honest and clear communication, as well as mindfulness of time, budget and resource constraints.



We Are Here To Serve You

Each project is different, and we’re small and flexible enough to adapt to our clients’ preferred workflow. Wherever applicable, we strive to follow these practices that help us build better products:

  • We have mandatory code reviews

  • Writing automated (unit, regression, acceptance) tests wherever possible

  • Follow the Agile processes (we prefer results over processes though, and seek always to simplify the workflow)

  • Using continuous integration and deployment

  • Clients have full access to the code repository and task tracker if they wish to

  • No middle management, the developers working on the project communicate directly (and often) with the clients

  • Understanding the problem through client’s eyes, not just from the technical perspective

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